Espar Echo 5 External Heater

"Echo 5 keeps my cargo at a consistent temperature when I need it. I never worry about it."

The Espar Echo 5 is the Espar option for external mounting on a vehicle with the same power to the Espar D5LC. Use this for cargo applications to ensure a reliable temperature for your precious cargo.

Espar Echo 5 External Heater

Max BTUs: 18,800 BTU/hr (5.5 kW) 

Max Air Flow: 137 CFM (232.8 m3/hr) 

Max Fuel Consumption: 0.17 gal/hr (0.66L/hr) 

Weight: 48lbs (22 kg) 

See Technical Downloads for power/air flow/fuel consumption on lower settings 

Heatmo Advantage

When you purchase a Espar Echo 5 External Heater with Heatmo, we can either supply it or install it. In the Edmonton area? We do service calls, to cut down on your downtime and get you working comfortably with reliable products and service.

 We offer free shipping over $500 CAD and all our Espar products are covered under their warranty. Your Espar Echo 5 External Heater works dependably with Heatmo.