Red Dot R-290 Auxiliary Heater

"The best heater I’ve had for my truck. I’m glad I finally replaced my old one."

The R-290 is a compact, high-velocity heater for your vehicle cab or cargo. This Red Dot heater works quickly and reliably with a single three-speed blower motor.

Red Dot R-290 Auxiliary Heater

BTUs: 20,000 BTU/Hr @150°F (5.86kw @ 65.6°C) air temp. rise 

Air Flow: 220 CFM (373 m3/h) 

Weight: 7 lbs (3kg) 

Current Draw: 4.3 amps @ 13.6 VDC (high speed)/ 2.7 amos @ 27.2 VDC (high speed)

Heatmo Advantage

When you purchase a Red Dot R-290 Auxiliary Heater with Heatmo, we can either supply it or install it. In the Edmonton area? We do service calls, to cut down on your downtime and get you working comfortably with reliable products and service.

 We offer free shipping over $500 CAD and all our Espar products are covered under their warranty. Your Red Dot R-290 Auxiliary Heater works dependably with Heatmo.